Colin R. Turner is an Irish author and social activist. Born in Dublin in 1968, he spent his early life immersed in music and nature. His passion for music later led him to pursue a musical career which, despite repeated attempts, failed to gain momentum and provide an adequate income. In 1993, he started his own printing company which was successful until he sold it in 2008. Still insensed however with the injustice of having his early musical dreams quashed by economic uncertainty, he begun to question the economic model itself. His research led him to understand the surprising nature of money and debt as little more than a system based on a shared belief, yet whose real world effects were devastating to both social equality and the environment.

In 2010, he wrote The Free World Charter, a proposed set of guiding principles for operating a society sustainably without money. The Charter has received almost 60,000 endorsements. Colin intends to devote his life to creating various actionable projects to complement and expedite transition to the open access economy as per the signed charter.

Colin founded:

The Free World Charter – ten guiding principles for a free, fairer and sustainable world – a free goods and services sharing network

LifeGames Books – an educational syllabus that promotes empathy, sharing & cooperation

HonorPay – an open awards and appreciation network

Free World One – a philanthropic commercial enterprise to fund change organisations

Colin has written: ‘F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man’, ‘Into The Open

Economy’, and ‘Open Access Economy’.