Diane Perlman, PhD., Conflict Analyst. Mediator. Educator. Theoretician. Inventor, Environmentalist. Social Scientist.

Diane is an interdisciplinary social scientist with unique synthesis of disciplines and strong political intuition; a strategic systems thinker who meets challenges with creative, outside-the-box solutions. She has founded several movements and organizations to work towards global peace and bring transparency and accountability into politics.

Founded Mediators Beyond Borders Working Group on the Nuclea Nonproliferation Treaty.

Founded Social Scientists for Sanity and Survival.

July 2017 at the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty NegotiationsAbolition 2000, Global Council Member, Visiting Scholar, Adjunct faculty, School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, 2009 – present, course on think tanks, US Convener, Transcend International: A Peace, Development, Environment Network, 2001 – present, US Representative for Palestine Israel Journal, 2018, Board of

Directors, Earth Rights Institute, 2009 – present, Co-chair (past),

Committee on Global Violence and Security, 2000 – 2006, for

American Psychological Assoc. Vice President, The Philadelphia

Project for Global Security, 1998– 2002 Co-founder, Peace Research

Associates, 1983 – 1986