A saga of a baby who survived not just to share it’s horrifyingly abhorrent experiences at the hands of her perpetrators but to spread love and light to those who survived similar fate and to rescue all those who are still trapped in such systems globally.

Dominique believes that every child must have the opportunity to be an independent, strong, careful human being and not worry about it’s safety.

She wants the foundation Voor Ons to be the go-to organization in this realm. In her own words, “when people see our foundation at an event or meeting the good people say: ‘Yes there they are and the bad people say; Damn ! now we cant even think of doing anything wrong.” We work with all kinds of people, organizations and foundations to make the effective changes work in a positive energy so that every one we help will be happy.

Dominique also believes in social justice opening up opportunities for those who don’t have any.