Eva founded Metabolic, her second start-up, in 2012. In her years of

consulting work and concept development, Eva has personally advised

over 200 companies and industry leaders. She is an expert in technical environmental management methods and has developed many frameworks for systems thinking and sustainable design. In 2015 Eva was listed #5 in the Trouw’s Sustainable 100 list for leadership in sustainability in the Netherlands, as the highest-ranked newcomer.

Eva established Metabolic with the mission to transform the global economy into one that is fundamentally more circular, regenerative, and equitable by design. Metabolic provides strategy consulting and software tools for solving complex sustainability questions and informing new pathways forward. Our clients range from utilities, multi-nationals, and NGOs, to private foundations and governments. The vision of Metabolic also includes expanding our impact through creating spin-off companies that service key market segments. Our first commercial spinoff, Spectral Utilities, was launched in 2015. Spectral focuses on accelerating the transition to fully renewable energy by developing integrated solutions for energy generation, storage, and management.

Eva has a Master’s in Industrial Environmental Management from Yale University and a Bachelor’s in molecular biology from Amherst College.