Restore Sikkim Initiative

Restore Sikkim Initiative

October, 2023

We are intensifying efforts to assist relief & restore Operations in Sikkim that has been devastated by flood

1.  we have initiated Mapping of the disaster independently with boots on the ground and with agencies on the ground,

2.  Our team consisting of ex Armed Forces personnel and handpicked civilians are coordinating with industries and networks pan-India to mobilize resources for relief operations.

3.  we are setting up an Operational Base shortly in South Sikkim after Recce is completed.

4. We are collecting relief materials to take them to Sikkim as you read this

5. Anyone who has a humanitarian inkling who wants to join to assist in this humanitarian initiative, please call or write to our team members


Let’s Do the Right Thing to restore people of Sikkim
Let THIS Be YOUR CONTRIBUTION to the world and humanity