By Invitation Only

August 2024, India

24              Panel Discussions

24              Planning Sessions    

24              Roundtables  

5                Keynotes 

77            Total Sessions

An Insight into DELEGATES

Participating delegates who are invited to
attend the World Economic Summit come
from all over the world. The delegates are
change makers, influencers, thought leaders,
system thinkers, problem solvers, community
developers, innovators, technologists, scientists,
global thinkers, millennial and generation Z
leaders and entities working in the areas of
impact investing, social justice, sustainable
development, conflict resolution, global peace,
protecting human dignity and natural resources,
addressing vital issues of our planet & humanities.

An Insight into Speakers & Panelists


Macro thinking is central to understanding and building any eco-system of scale. World Economic Summit presents astute, knowledgeable, visionary & engaging thought leaders from around the world to share their visions and inputs as speakers and panelists on various global issues that are addressed during the course of the summit.


Every fabric of life is related to each other in some manner and it is this complexity, an economist deals with, to bring not just some economic sense to the matter, but a balance of life and the ecosystem in itself.
We invite top economists from all schools of thought and continents to share, engage and participate during the summit, who we are sure would keep your economic grey matter thoroughly engaged.


What challenges do policymakers face and what are their insights to some of the key issues we face globally today ?

Let’s listen and engage policymakers from select parts of the world to see how we could sync long term policy development with response to global challenges


World Economic Summit presents successful business & industry leaders to share their knowledge, message, and insights to the delegates and the world.

Engaging industry leaders and innovators can facilitate markets creation and expansion, deepening of existing relationships, influence policy decisions, streamline supply chains, and benefit all stakeholders in the entire supply chains and heighten quality of life in general.


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Changemakers Talk Series

Attend and interact with expert speakers and panelists while they share their views on all matters green & sustainable and thought provoking.

From the latest technological innovations to natural resources conservation, to how you can engage your community, share breakthrough innovations, and myriad ways you can help re-build our world sustainably.



More will be announced soon…